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MUNKYTM Linear Weigher Technology

Problems faced in Packaging

Excessive Weight Variation:

The net weight being packed is not consistent and in line with guidelines by weights and measures department. Moreover wholesalers and retailers find it difficult to sell when weight is negative.

Poor Quality of Sealing:

Visual appeal of the sealed pouch is very poor, which doesnot attract the customer in front of the other good makes being sold by the retailer.

Machine Operators not easily available:

Hiring and retaining trained machine operators is a consistent challenge. The manpower cost of these operators continues to increase periodically, Many packers are located in non industrial areas where getting machine operators would pose a limitation.

Leakage of Nitrogen :

Causes the nitrogen filled in the pouch, which in turn causes the packed item to detoriate inside the pouch and affects the sale drastically. The shelf life gets considerably reduced. The pouch spends considerable time in transit, in the store of whole saler, in store of retailer and finally on the retail counter. If the nitrogen leaks before the pouch is sold all the stock in the retailer’s premises is at stake of going bad. This problem gets amplified as there is a lot of material in the market with various retailers, in-transit stock, stock with wholesalers. Cost of recalling the material is very high and causes loss of reputation. Retailers and wholesalers lose confidence and regaining market positioning becomes a big challenge.

Difficult to change over in small production runs:

In industries where the number of SKU (individual items) being packed is more and the quanity packed per SKU is not high, the number of change overs to be done in the packing machine become high. At the time of change over a couple of things are to be taken care of like cleaning of the machine, setting up of the laminate, setting up of the forming chute or forming collar, setting of horizontal and vertical sealing, setting of the camera for eye mark. If the time spent in doing all these activities is high, it becomes difficult to make frequent change overs. The whole idea of going in for automation in packaging is then lost. The packing machine must meet with the requirements of the operating scenario of the manufacturer.


Hygienic packing is a must for the food sector. The environment and equipment to pack must ensure that the packing process is hygienic in nature. It has a serious impact on the brand, quality, food safety and shelf life. Contact by hand poses problem. Machines that are not easy to clean develop bacterial growth in areas not easily approachable to clean.

Manpower not available:

Getting people to do the packing is becoming increasingly difficult.

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