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Welcome to, your ultimate destination for all your pouch packing needs. 

Our journey into manufacturing started in 1971 by late Shri Shashank Shekhar. After graduating from IIT Bombay he set up a factory in Faridabad where we had a very humble start with sheet metal parts. Looking at the potential he diversified into manufacturing hand tools in the early 1980’s. With the advent of Maruti in India, we ventured into manufacturing tool kits for automobiles and with that our automotive business leapfrogged under his able leadership.

In 1995, his son Mayank Shekhar ventured graduated in from MIT, Manipal and joined the business. Where he was handed the task of implementing automation wherever possible on the shop floor. Spotting an opportunity in the food packaging segment, we ventured into manufacturing computerized controllers for packing machines which gradually led to the development of complete pouch packing solutions for granules and powder segment.

Today we have a state of art manufacturing facility in FIT, Faridabad where we produce multiple types of packing machines for granules and powder products. With over 1000 machines already installed within and outside India, our dedicated service team is ready to serve you at your door step. 

About the Founder

Mayank Shekhar

Founder & CEO

Mayank is India’s No. 1 Expert on Pouch Packing solutions. He has authored 11 books and has developed patented technology for accurate and easy weighing of granules and powders. Over 1000 companies have benefited from using his MUNKY brand of filling and bagging systems.

He is on a mission to transform the way packing is done in India. He has researched issues and created solutions for pouch packing. He wants to impart knowledge to you so that you are updated with his latest solutions in the pouch packing industry and take an informed decision.